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SIMAhomeware is an online shop in Switzerland, that is dedicated to turning your home dreams into reality. Versatile, elegant, sustainable, functional, distinctive - these are the principles woven into every item in our collections, designed to bring warmth, coziness and style.

At SIMAhomeware, we're all about supporting artisans and providing you with pieces that are both aesthetic and unique.

Our brand is a tribute to LOVE—for yourself, your family, your home, and our planet. Crafted with love in Switzerland, our pieces are more than products; they're a chapter of our story, eager to be a part of yours.

Elegant, timeless, and thoughtfully designed, each piece is
created to complement your home.

SIMA homeware Kitchen Kit in a linen bag. In the kitchen kit includes a bamboo dishwashing brush with soft sisal bristles, a bamboo hook brush with coconut bristles, small ergonomic handle and abrasive bristles and cellulose sponges


Hello everyone! I'm Serafima, the creative force behind SIMAhomeware.
My lifelong passion for bringing joy and meaning to people's lives has led me to reinvent the basics. SIMAhomeware was born out of this passion, offering aesthetic and eco-friendly cleaning products made from bamboo, sisal and loofah - a nod to style and sustainability.
Today, our diverse collections include linen towels, handmade candles and ceramics. SIMAhomeware embodies LOVE - for yourself, your family and your home. Each piece is designed to add a sense of coziness and aesthetics to your space.
And here's a little secret - the name SIMA? It's my nickname that adds a personal touch to every detail. 

Join me on this journey where we combine sustainability with style!


an artisan is making ceramic bowl

While I am a lawyer by profession, my heart beats for art, design, and craftsmanship. Each product I create isn't just an item; it's a meditation, a piece of my heart woven into every design.

What fills my heart with pure joy? Witnessing Apriori products infuse warmth and happiness into your homes. From the gentle glow of hand-poured, scented candles to the solid elegance of jesmonite and concrete creations and the intricate beauty of handmade ceramic decorations, every piece tells a story.

No matter if your home dances in vibrant hues or whispers in neutral tones, Apriori seamlessly fits into your unique tapestry. Let's bring a touch of magic to your space.

Anna, Founder of Apriori Decor

Hi there, I'm Anna, the heart and the soul behind Apriori Decor!
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